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Role of Prostaglandins in Disease and Infection: David Aronoff M.D.

David Aronoff is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Internal Medicine who specializes in infectious diseases.  In general, his research focuses on the regulation of the immune system by prostaglandins.  He has a special interest in the bacterial infections of the lung and reproductive tract. This interview gives...Read More »

Assistant Dean of UMMS Admissions: Steven Gay M.D. M.S.

Steven Gay is the Assistant Dean for Admissions of the University of Michigan Medical School.  In addition to this title, he is also the Director of Critical Care Support Services, and Director of Bronchoscopic Services. Here, we hear about the importance of undergraduate research prior to entering medical school and...Read More »

Research Perspectives: Dr. Kathleen Nolta

Dr. Kathleen Nolta is a Senior Lecturer here at the University of Michigan. She received her B.A. from Michigan in CMB and Chemistry and her Ph.D from University of Chicago in Biochemistry. Dr. Nolta currently teaches Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry courses. This interview provides us with the research prospective of...Read More »

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